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Since the end of August 2017 through today we have been receiving electronic notice from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY Bankruptcy Court) of the filing of Amended Discharge of Debtor Order of Final Decree  in our clients’ previously closed (and successful) chapter 7 personal cases.  To date we have received hundreds of these notices from the Court in cases going as far back as 2006.  The Court has mailed out copies to the debtors (our clients) as well as the service list in each case.  Some of our bankruptcy attorney colleagues have reported they are experiencing the same thing.

We are starting to receive calls and emails from concerned clients wondering what this is all about.  The SDNY Bankruptcy Court has not posted any information about this on its website.  For that reason I decided to make this post to address this issue for the benefit of our clients and public at large.  I have attached a redacted copy of the Amended Discharge of Debtor Order of Final Decree with the case specific information redacted: Amended Discharge of Debtor Order of Final Decree.

For all the hundreds of clients that Starr & Starr, PLLC has successfully represented in personal bankruptcy cases over the years, please be aware that you have nothing to worry about.  You may view this as a technical correction that the SDNY Bankruptcy Court is doing.  It does not change any of the advice we previously provided our clients.   For more information continue reading below. Continue reading

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